The broad objective of ACL Disability Services is to provide support and education for clients with low to moderate level of learning disability to enjoy a full, healthy and satisfying life with the highest possible level of independence. We assist in the following ways :-

  • Social education
  • Daily living skills
  • Community integration
  • Assistance with health issues
  • Healthy eating and personal care
  • Financial management


We believe that a person with disability is entitled to the same human and civil rights as every citizen. More specifically, these include the right to :

  • Education
  • Voting
  • Freedom of association
  • Responsibility
  • Confidentiality
  • Freedom of religion
  • A tenancy agreement
  • Legal rights
  • Freedom of choice
  • Dignity and respect
  • Privacy
  • Take risks
  • Health, care and protection
  • Air grievances


The permanent principles and values of our organization are:

  • We put people first
  • We are one team
  • We are all accountable
  • We strive to always do it better
  • We are inspired by challenges
  • We make ethical and sustainable decisions


Our purpose at ACL Disability Services is to enhance the lives of people with a disability. We have an incredibly strong commitment to and focus on our purpose, and all our business decisions are assessed against it :

  • To maximize their potential for growth and development
  • To meaningfully participate in the life, resources and opportunities of the local community
  • To be accepted and valued by members of the community
  • To be eligible to receive specialist support services and assistance as do the majority of the other members of the community
  • To receive such services and support in ways which promote and protect their basic human rights.